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Oct 6, 2012 6:00pm EDT
, gummit. >> guest: that's the way texans say government. and that gummit--'you know, we've to get the gummit off our backs, got to get the gummit off our'--you know, that's the way people talk. i just write the way people talk. i don't invent this stuff. c-span: what about bidness? b-i-d-n-e-s-s? >> guest: bidness. that's exactly the way texans say the word 'business.' bidness. c-span: they also--all texans talk that way? >> guest: as near--when i'm--i'm not sure i could say all anymore. we've got a lot of texans who've moved in from somewhere else, but any--almost anyone said--who's a native would say that, bidness. c-span: now what about sumbitch? >> guest: sumbitch is not a dirty word in texas. it's not like sob. a sumbitch is the texas word for fellah or guy. 'well, he's a good old sumbitch.' 'and that then sumbitch said to me, he said'--and there's no--there's no offense intended. c-span: snerk. >> guest: boy, i don't even remember snerk. i must have been... c-span: yeah, you called somebody--i'll get it right--snerks--you said they were a snerk. i--i'd never seen that one before
Oct 13, 2012 6:00pm EDT
establishment cozies up too close to politicians. and he advocates a lot of candor in government. so in many ways you would think that my book would be the kind of book that he would applaud, which is, "oh, the real story, the real truth." and, in fact, i got a copy of the letter that he did send to them, and in the letter he said, "you know, i think this book is going to be dangerous for you, and i think you should get elsa walsh to try to change the end of her book." and when i saw that i was pretty shocked because he was essentially saying, "this is too much truth," that the only thing that's important is the political animal, that rachael warby's own struggle was unimportant, and it annoyed me. c-span: you mentioned your husband. has that figured into this story? i mean, do people either not want to talk to you or talk to you because of who you're married to? >> guest: oh, you mean me as a journalist interviewing other people? c-span: i mean -- for the audience who doesn't know who your husband is... >> guest: ok. my husband is bob woodward. he's an author of many books, very suc
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2